Overcoming Fear

Here I was staring at a blank sheet on a computer screen with no idea of what to write about. Despite the fact, I have only done 2 blog posts. Maybe it is early onset writer’s block or I’m just not as creative as I thought.

This was all running through my head as I suddenly had a huge eureka moment, it hit me all at once. I can write anything on this blog. All those thoughts which race through my head daily, the thoughts that keep me up at night and hold me down during the day. I hope that whoever is reading this article finds relevance to it and I really hope it helps you in some way.

I have one fear and one fear only, it is a fear which some may say is intangible. Others may call it “silly” because what I fear is inevitable and completely out of my control. It is something which is natural and it is part of the cycle of life. But, it is one thing which provides me with endless fretting and useless fearful thoughts. Death.

I say useless because that is exactly what thoughts of death are, any thought fuelled by fear in fact. They have no end game, you will achieve nothing from it if anything it will put you down and push you back. Death is something which cannot be stopped (at this moment in time), therefore any thoughts of it are pointless. Just like any fear, obsessing over them will only add fuel to the fire, to the point where it manifests into all areas of your life. Fear is a man’s most dangerous enemy because we ourselves create it, therefore it knows what makes us tick.

The only plausible way to deal with any continuing fear is to face it. As scary as it may seem, once it is done, it seems ridiculous that you ever feared it. For example, if you fear clowns (as I once did), go to the circus. If you fear spiders, hold the biggest one you can find in the palm of your hand. If you fear heights, keep climbing until you don’t want to come down. The small difference which a fear of death has is that no one can tell you that once it is faced, it will be okay. No one can tell you “dying is fine, once you do it” because once you die, you’re gone. But, I think at the heart of it all, that is what scares me most. The finality of it all, especially when I think of other people dying, for eternity they are gone. Soon enough, any memories of them will be gone too. So, what will be left? Nothing.

So, I hear you scream, how do you deal with the fear of death?! Acceptance, accept that the universe has been around for 14 billion years and humans have been around for millions of years. So in the grand scheme of things, none of us matter and all we can do is leave our mark and move on to whatever comes after this. The main thing is to enjoy every single second while you’re here so when you are making that journey to whatever is next, you can say you lived ON YOUR TERMS, you played the game how you wanted and you won.


Just a little side note, writing this has really helped me with the acceptance which I was talking about. So try writing what you’re scared of or talking to someone about it, it makes whatever you’re scared of of a lot less scary.

Stay Safe,